If you wish to propose a future Pitch Publishing title then the following guidelines will help you prepare your submission. 


Your submission must include:

• Proposed title and sub-title

• Description of the book in no more than 300 words

• A brief overview of the book and, if applicable a list of chapters/sections

• Whether the book is already written, or an accurate timescale required to deliver the completed the manuscript  

• If the manuscript is completed, whether it's been edited, to what level and by whom

• Type of images; how many to be included

• Details of any previously published written work


It may also be useful to include:

• Source of images; please detail any potential costs of images if known

• How you envisage the finished product to look

• Cover ideas, including images which could be used

• Any competing or similar titles, previously published or due for release

• Any other information which may be relevant


When you are submitting, it's important you consider: 

• We usually commission work 12-18 months, or longer, in advance of publication

• This allows us the required time to present and sell into key accounts

• Ideally, we like to receive manuscripts 4-6 months ahead of publication 

• However, time-sensitive manuscripts can be delivered later 

• We publish most titles in the trade's traditional book size formats

• These are: trade hardback, trade paperback and mass-market paperback 

• We typically print most books in mono, on bookwove paper

• Picture (plate) sections can be added on a coated stock with either black-and-white or colour images


We review submissions at set times throughout the year, usually quarterly, so you may not receive an immediate response (other than an auto-response to confirm we have received your submission). Once we reach a decision on each submissions, we do always try to provide feedback, even when rejecting proposals. However due to the large volume of submissions we receive, this isn't always possible.



Click here for our house-style guidelines. If you are successfully commissioned, all manuscripts should adhere to these guidelines.



Please send submissions electronically to submissions@pitchpublishing.co.uk