The Strange Death of English Leg Spin must go straight to the top of the reading list for a generation of cricket administrators and coaches, and for a new wave of English bowling talent. It’s available now from Amazon, from all good bookshops and this website.


Justin Parkinson charts the history of neglect and ineptitude which has relegated England from the deadly pioneer of cricket’s finest art to a nation with little love for its googlies, leg breaks and flippers.


But not only does the book chart a disgraceful century of petty rivalries, mistrust, ridiculous rule changes and ignorance which robbed England of the chance of producing its own Shane Warne.


Parkinson moves swiftly from autopsy report to masterplan for the future. Featuring interviews with key players, psychologists and coaches and in-depth historical research, he suggests how England can once again become the global centre of leg spin.


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