Firsts, Lasts & Onlys is a rugby fan's delight, chock-full of astonishing events, time-honoured anecdotes and distinctly unlikely facts. Beginning in 1823 with an event that probably didn't happen, the book charts the history of the sport to the present day.


Paul Donnelley is a Sunday Times Top 10 best-selling author who has written more than twenty books on a variety of subjects including football, cricket, golf, true crime, television and cinema.


But now Paul has finally found his true métier, his raison d'être – and it’s Truly Wonderful Rugby Trivia.


Take advantage of the fruits of Paul’s brilliant, painstaking research, hot off the press and available for you to drop casually into Rugby World Cup conversation:

  • Which was played first – the Rugby Union World Cup or the Rugby League World Cup?
  • When was the last time an entire side left the field during an Rugby Union international?
  • Who is the only RL player to play a Test match with a broken arm?
  • Do you know the link between one of the founders of The Guinness Book of Records and the "founder" of rugby?
  • Do you know how Liverpool FC became the first open rugby club?
  • Who did Richard Burton play his last game of rugby against?
  • What was so remarkable about Billy Boston the "Wigan Peer"?
  • What was unusual about the final of the 1973 BBC2 Floodlit Trophy competition?


Click here for more information, or to read a sample from Firsts, Lasts & Onlys: Rugby – A Truly Wonderful Collection of Rugby Trivia.