Millwall legend Alan Dunne’s autobiography is out now. The first review we’ve seen says: ‘If You Buy One Footballer’s Autobiography This Year… make it Dunne It The Hard Way, the story of Millwall’s Irish born defender – and their most red-carded player.


Dunne had to battle homelessness and poverty before he began his football career.

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Alan Dunne: I would have loved to play for Ireland...but nobody knew I was Irish!

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“Off the field I’m as nice as anybody but on the field I can be ruthless,” he says. “I’ve had some nasty tackles but they’re not leg breakers. I’m not that type of player.”

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Dunne It The Hard Way is my own honest insight into life with the Lions, from making the worst of first impressions on a manager to the heartbreak of being told I was no longer wanted in 2015. There were plenty of highs and lows from 23 years at Millwall, including:

  • Why signing my first pro contract was delayed because of Jaffa Cakes
  • My biggest mistake at Millwall was not asking for a transfer
  • Who was the best manager I played under – and who was the worst
  • Why Crystal Palace fans sang an obscene song about me
  • How I had to pay for a player’s dental bill after a head-butt
  • Why I believe I never got a chance to play for Ireland
  • The story behind my punch-up before the 2004 FA Cup Final against Manchester United
  • Why a fish helped us survive relegation
  • How I reacted when a drunken West Ham fan who had invaded the pitch was in my face
  • How I came to be photographed with a naked model who was holding nothing but a plate of toast
  • The devastation of losing my mum so young